The Berlioz Song Site

This site contains scores of Berlioz's songs for voice and piano.

Berlioz composed about 50 songs for voice and piano. Many were originally written for amateur singers. Some (not all) were adapted and orchestrated later for concert performance. They contain some of Berlioz's most beautiful music.

The site contains 25 songs for solo voice and piano, including songs later included in the collections Irlande, Les Nuits d'Été and Fleurs des Landes.

Why this site?

Berlioz's music is now widely known and he has an extremely comprehensive website: the Hector Berlioz Website at . There is no danger of Berlioz not being performed, even if he is not always performed well. But there is still a tendency to assume that his music can only be performed with huge resources and at great expense. I hope this site may help to show that all that is needed is the right singer, the right pianist and a piano.

By the way, Les Nuits d'Été, almost always referred to now as a song cycle, was never intended to be performed as a single work, and Berlioz never did so. The Hector Berlioz website correctly lists it as a collection. The incorrect description is unfortunate, because it perpetuates the idea that Berlioz only composed large orchestral works.

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