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The site contains voice and piano scores for 25 songs. Each page of the song is reproduced as a website page. The introductory page for each song contains the French text of the song. Each of the score pages is linked at the foot to the next page of the score. To print out a song, go from the Contents page to the introductory page of the song, click the link for the first score page and print each page in succession.


The score pages are designed for printing. They should fit well on to an A4 page and they look better printed than they do on the screen. Unfortunately, the quality of reproduction is still far from perfect. You may get better results if you slow down your printer - set print quality to "best". Please let me know of any printing problems, mistakes or ambiguities in the music and I shall try to help.

Commercial Recordings

Most if not all these songs have been recorded. The Discography section of the HBerlioz website has full information on available recordings. Songs are listed at http://www.hberlioz.com/music/vocal.htm. Also many have been recorded as part of larger compilations. See http://www.hberlioz.com/music/compilations.htm and use Ctrl F to find the song you want.

Mike Munford
November 2006


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